Pinball Map App Update 5.0

We’re marking a major milestone with the Pinball Map app. We completely scrapped the old code and design, and started from scratch. After a year of spending our nights and weekends on it, the update is done!

Now the app is faster, more intuitive, has one big map instead of separate regions, has new features, it looks the same on Android and iOS, and it will be much easier to produce further updates.

Our administrators and Patreon supporters helped beta test it. And we think it's great and that you'll love it!

If you use the app, please update to the latest version!

If you've used it in the past but didn't like it, give this one a try!

Watch the video below for a walk-through of the new design and features.

Features include:

  • It's all just ONE BIG MAP now. No more switching between regions.

  • But you can still search for a region and pull up all the locations in it! The search also autocompletes for cities that definitely have machines.

  • A RECENT ACTIVITY feed, which shows all map edits within 30 miles of wherever you're searching.

  • SAVE your favorite locations and quickly see a list of your favorites.

  • FILTER map results by machine, location type, operator, and/or number of machines.

  • See nearby events.

  • And it's faster and better and more fun to use!


Ryan, Scott, Beth

  • Posted on June 18, 2019
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Save Your Favorite Locations

We added a new feature: Saved Locations.

If you’re logged in, you’ll see a heart icon next to each location name. If you click on it, that location will be added to your Saved list. You can then view a map that shows just your saved locations. This way, you can quickly view/update your favorite spots!

saved locations

Click the heart again to remove it from your saved list.

Your saved locations are also listed on your profile page. Here’s an example, with two saved locations (as of this typing).

Currently, this is just on the website. But the implementation is done for the next version of the app. We just have some other things to do before that app update is done. Hope you like this feature!

  • Posted on December 21, 2018
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Two New T-Shirts

We made TWO new Pinball Map shirts!

One is two-sided, with a simple logo on the front, and ye ol’ shirt graphic on the back. It’s on black.

The second is a 9-color Portland Pinball Map throwback graphic. Drew Marshall made us this graphic back when we first started the site. It’s a really great graphic, and we thought it would look cool on a shirt! You don’t have to be from Portland to wear it! It’s on navy blue (the roads use the negative space of the shirt – pretty cool).

Both shirts are HQ screenprints, on All Style brand shirts, and come in S – XXL unisex. $20, free shipping.

Pinball Map Store




  • Posted on August 18, 2018
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Mappin' Around w/ Scott & Ryan - Episode 2: Swap Stories

We just dropped a new episode of our Pinball Map podcast, Mappin’ Around w/ Scott & Ryan. This one is called Swap Stories. Give it a listen! Let us know what you think.

In this episode we got:

Two new Pinball Map t-shirts!

We started a Patreon!

We dip in with Danny B.

We talk map tech, telling you how we keep the site in the black (in terms of memory). Map stats.

We interview Beth about the full Pinball Map app rewrite she’s working on.

We discuss about an intriguing topic: what is a public location, I mean really?

And finally, we give a quick Pinball Map tip.

  • Posted on August 18, 2018
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Pinball Map Patreon

In March of 2017, we started accepting donations to help us defray our site costs. The donations we’ve received have been awesome, and they’ve kept us afloat. BUT, our costs are increasing due to the popularity of the site, and our need to use bigger/better servers. These costs are too much for us to afford on our own, and so… we’ve launched a Pinball Map Patreon!

Patreon allows people to pledge small amount of money to projects on an ongoing basis (example: $5/month).

Please check out the Patreon page for our specific goals (which will evolve). But the basic goal is to migrate the site from Heroku to AWS, and then beef up our servers. But AWS will cost more! If you enjoy using Pinball Map, and want to directly support it, then you are the best!

  • Posted on August 13, 2018
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