Save Your Favorite Locations

We added a new feature: Saved Locations.

If you’re logged in, you’ll see a heart icon next to each location name. If you click on it, that location will be added to your Saved list. You can then view a map that shows just your saved locations. This way, you can quickly view/update your favorite spots!

saved locations

Click the heart again to remove it from your saved list.

Your saved locations are also listed on your profile page. Here’s an example, with two saved locations (as of this typing).

Currently, this is just on the website. But the implementation is done for the next version of the app. We just have some other things to do before that app update is done. Hope you like this feature!

Two New T-Shirts

We made TWO new Pinball Map shirts!

One is two-sided, with a simple logo on the front, and ye ol’ shirt graphic on the back. It’s on black.

The second is a 9-color Portland Pinball Map throwback graphic. Drew Marshall made us this graphic back when we first started the site. It’s a really great graphic, and we thought it would look cool on a shirt! You don’t have to be from Portland to wear it! It’s on navy blue (the roads use the negative space of the shirt – pretty cool).

Both shirts are HQ screenprints, on All Style brand shirts, and come in S – XXL unisex. $20, free shipping.

Pinball Map Store




Mappin' Around w/ Scott & Ryan - Episode 2: Swap Stories

We just dropped a new episode of our Pinball Map podcast, Mappin’ Around w/ Scott & Ryan. This one is called Swap Stories. Give it a listen! Let us know what you think.

In this episode we got:

Two new Pinball Map t-shirts!

We started a Patreon!

We dip in with Danny B.

We talk map tech, telling you how we keep the site in the black (in terms of memory). Map stats.

We interview Beth about the full Pinball Map app rewrite she’s working on.

We discuss about an intriguing topic: what is a public location, I mean really?

And finally, we give a quick Pinball Map tip.

Pinball Map Patreon

In March of 2017, we started accepting donations to help us defray our site costs. The donations we’ve received have been awesome, and they’ve kept us afloat. BUT, our costs are increasing due to the popularity of the site, and our need to use bigger/better servers. These costs are too much for us to afford on our own, and so… we’ve launched a Pinball Map Patreon!

Patreon allows people to pledge small amount of money to projects on an ongoing basis (example: $5/month).

Please check out the Patreon page for our specific goals (which will evolve). But the basic goal is to migrate the site from Heroku to AWS, and then beef up our servers. But AWS will cost more! If you enjoy using Pinball Map, and want to directly support it, then you are the best!

Our Podcast: Mappin' Around with Scott & Ryan

We know that this blog is the happening place to find the hottest Pinball Map news, and we want to preface this post by saying we will absolutely not be reducing our blog-posting pace because of the news we’re about to share once this sentence is completely written and there’s a period at the end of it.

We started a Pinball Map PODCAST:

Mappin’ Around with Scott & Ryan

We’ll be putting one ep out a mo. And the first episode, titled The Plunge, is live via the weblink above or your favorite podcasting app (if you can’t find it on your fave poddy app, let us know).

We’ll be using this podcast to:

- Share Map News
- Provide Tech Insights
- Interview People, Such As Our Admins
- Discuss About Compelling Topics

So, give it a listen, eh?

Regionless Map

After nearly ten years of creating new pinball map regions, we’ve amassed 95 of them. So we think we have good coverage of most of the pinball hot spots in the US and Canada (and now one part of Australia). But even so, we get regular requests to cover MORE lands. In the past we’ve waffled on this issue. But now the voices are too loud, and we cannot ignore them.

So we made a map that has all 95 regions merged together, and it also contains locations that aren’t within those regions.

Introducing the beta version of the One Big Pinball Map!

It’s not yet as fully featured as the regional maps. But it’s still very usable and cool. We’ll be adding more to it. But for now, use it and give us feedback!

Other, related news is that we’re doing a complete rewrite of the app. Like this regionless map, it will allow you all to browse all the data without having to switch between regions. It will be great!

2017 Annual Statistics

Every week the site sends us an email containing map usage data. The email lists things like:

  • the quantities of new machine comments
  • machines removed
  • machines added
  • locations added
  • events listed
  • submitted locations that haven’t been added
  • locations that no longer list machines
  • etc.

This weekly email helps us track usage and pending operations. And it helps local administrators see an overview of the action in their neck of the woods.

For this Annual Stats post, we’ve compiled this weekly data into annual data. We just thought it would be fun to share some charts showing usage, trends, and whatnot. Since there are over 90 regions on the site, it would be too much work to show you charts for every region. But if you’re interested in seeing a particular set of data applied to your region, let us know and we’ll gladly do it.

Caveats: This should be considered anecdotal data. For one, we’re missing three weeks of these weekly emails (two in June and one in October – notice how the values dip in those months?). So the overall numbers are not accurate. But given the scale we’re working with, they’re close enough.

Locations Added: 1,681!

Locations added

Machines Added and Removed

machines added and removed

Since, as you saw above, machines are both added and removed, the next chart shows the net increase in machines.

Net increase in machines listed: 26% Growth!

machines net

We didn’t make the same chart for net increase in locations. But we can!

Next year we’ll show number of comments left on machines (we didn’t add that to the weekly emails until midway through 2017).

And here’s a bonus chart showing growth in a few select cities.

city by city

Happy New Year!

Pinball Map Android App Update 4.0.1

We’re simply excited to announce an update to the Pinball Map Android app!

While this update brings a number of tweaks and enhancements, the most major of them is probably a decrease in loading time. So, the app is a lot faster now!

This is the first Android app update since March 2017. And that March update was a major one. So this is a follow-up to that one, knocking out a lot of miscellaneous issues (see the list).

Anyway, let us know what you think! We think the increase in speed will help make this app even more fun to use! If you find a bug, please tell us.


Pinball Map on the Google Play Store
Pinball Map App page

Pinball Map iOS App Version 4.0.3

Like a hound charging outta the gates of hell comes this fiery beast of an app update, cryptically known as 4.0.3. What lieth insideth the four bellies of Barghest? Behold!

  • Ability to add location type and operator on location submissions (these are dropdown menus now, rather than text fields)
  • Fix events feature on Apple Watch (it was crashing)
  • Fix visibility issue on iPad map (there was a thing where it shouldn’t be)

Your phones will summon the update in due time. If it isn’t available yet, pray for patience.

Pinball Map iOS App Version 4.0.2

Hey iPhoners, we just released an update to the Pinball Map app!

This update features some fixes and enhancements.

They are:

  • Display the Location Description
  • Region list – include sort by alpha
  • Add option for location services “when app is running”
  • When no Operator at a location, say “Tap to Edit”
  • Locations say “last update: June 03, 2016 by” blank 4.0.2 — bug fix
  • Minor comment issue – words can span two lines — bug fix
  • Location submissions often come in twice — bug fix (this is for Admins)
  • Reformat list of machines in location submissions (this is for Admins)

If you want to see what we’re up to for the next update, check here. We also have some cool longer-term plans brewing right now, so stay tuned.

If you LOVE the app, feel free to rate it!

Some Usage Statistics

Since I know some people here enjoy stats. Here are some fun site usage stats!

Neither of us are fascinated by web analytics. The only parts of analytics we care about are device/browser stats (e.g. how many people are using chrome vs firefox, and what devices they’re using to access the site), response times, and error rates. But we both hardly ever (maybe a couple times a year) view stats showing the number of visitors. Well, newrelic sends us a weekly email containing that, but since it only captures website users and not app users, it’s not super valuable.

Anyway! A better (or at least, more interesting) metric is map edits/submissions. How many machines were added/removed, etc. Given that we started working on this app back in 200…8? the following stats only cover a smidge of the life of the project. The start dates represent when we added functionality to track this information.

Locations submitted (since 2015-10-17): 2,809

A small percentage of this number can be attributed to an iOS “bug” wherein if people smash the Submit button then we receive their submission multiple times. We’d say 3% at most can be attributed to that bug (which will be fixed very soon!).

Machines removed (since 2015-10-17): 11,130

Machines added (since 2017-03-06): 4,166

Different start date than machines removed :<
To extend this rate to the same start date as the “machines removed” date, very basic math can show us that if 4,166 machines additions occurred in the past 146 days, then 18,604 may have occurred in the past 652 days (e.g. to 10/17/2015). But that’s not really accurate, given that we’re regularly adding new regions, thereby increasing the opportunities to add machines to places.

High Scores (since 2017-03-06): 420

We wiped all the high scores from the site when we implemented the user system on March 6. This is a little-used feature, but hey! That’s ok.

Machine comments (since 2017-03-06): 3,278

Location metadata (since 2017-03-06): 1,555

Metadata refers to user-editable location info, such as Location Type, Website, Phone #, and Operator. I know that’s technically not “metadata,” but… shut up.

Contact Us messages (since 2015-10-17): 407

Confirm Location (since 2017-03-06): 2,283

And we have about 2,000 user accounts (since March 6). That number is obviously a better representation of how many people are editing maps, and not how many people use them.

We hope you find these super basic stats interesting. We certainly did! More interesting would be something like, “rates of usage, holding ‘number of map regions’ constant” in order to see how usage has evolved over time.

Pinball Map Flier

The WWW can be great for getting the word out about stuff. You got blogs, articles, podcasts, RSS, social media, etc. At Pinball Map HQ, we are… okay at it. We don’t have a marketing budget, and we basically only use Twitter for social media. It often turns out that YOU’RE better at it than us. And that’s perfect – that’s the way we like it.

One of our favorite things to do is to spread the word about Pinball Map in person. When we’re out playing pinball, and we start chatting with enthusiastic people, we tell them about it, and perhaps give them a button, too. And I think that goes a long way. But there have been so many times when we’ve said, “we should just make a little flier with the info on it, so we can hand it out or drop it places.” Actually, we did do that like six years ago – at least for a couple of the maps (but that was back when we were using a logo font that wasn’t web-friendly and so had to be created in an image editor).

So, that’s what we’ve now done! Introducing the regional Pinball Map flier that you gotta print out! Each map region has its own flier, located at the the /flier url. For example, see the Minnesota Pinball Map Flier (btw, we changed the Twin Cities map to be the Minnesota map). They are dynamically generated, so the content may change from time to time (since we started writing this post, the number of machines listed has gone from 13,036 to 13,038).

They are very simple, and they print four to a page. We think they get the message across well. Here is a static screenshot of one:

flier image

You can find links to them on each regional map’s home page (in the little “intro” text section) and on each regional map’s About page. The fliers are not on the app, but just the website. And they’re geared toward the desktop website (not mobile).

Printing the Flier

Printing should be easy. If you press File+Print on your browser, you can preview it. All of the extraneous stuff on the webpage is automatically removed in the print preview.

The flier is accessible by anyone. And we encourage anyone who wants to help spread the word to print it out and give it to people! You’ll be part of the Pinball Map Street Team, so to speak! If a location is cool with you leaving fliers around (like at a coffee shop), please do so!

Hope you like it! We’re open to feedback.

Stern Pinball Prizes for Top Map Contributors

We try to thank our map contributors at every opportunity. After all, the maps would be much less cool if they were out of date. But they’re not! You all continue to make your local pinball map useful for the casual “is there still pinball in the world?” person as well as the seasoned pinball warrior, while we continue to make the maps easy and fun to update. It’s working, people! Over the years, we’ve individually said thanks to hundreds of operators, thousands of users, and over one hundred map administrators. And in the past, that’s all we could do: props! shout-outs! keep it up!

Now with our user system, we can do a little more. First we gave you the User Profile. Your profile is a nifty way to see which locations you’ve edited, and an overview of the types of edits. Your User Profile is cool and all – and some sweet stats can be a reward unto themselves – but how about a bonus for being an extra great contributor? Sounds good!

Since we’re tracking contributions, we can rank our contributors. When we partnered with Stern Pinball last year, we told them that we had the user system coming around the bend, and would love to work with them to give rewards to our top contributors. They were totally into the idea. So that’s what we’re doing!

Here’s how it works:

  • A couple times a year we’ll rank users by quantity of contributions during a set period of time.
  • The top 3 contributors will receive signed translites from Stern Pinball!

That’s it! We’ll contact you if you’re in the top 3, and will share news of your victory on the blog. We hope this serves as a reward for all your work, as well as an incentive to do more! Pinball Map now has well over 1,000 editors (along with many times that non-editing active users), and that field is growing every day. So competition will be tight!

In the future we may get crafty with it and assign different scores to different types of contributions. But for now, this is a great start!

Again, THANKS!

Redo Results When Map is Moved

We added a new website feature: Redo Results When Map is Moved.

To use it, perform a search. When the result loads, you’ll see this checkbox in the upper left of the map:
redo checkbox

When checked: if you move or zoom the map, then the results will reload, showing all the locations within the map window. This is similar to Yelp’s “redo results when map is moved” function. Now you can more easily browse around an area to find pinball machines. You won’t have to do new searches; you can just zoom around!

We made a quick video showing how it works:

API Authentication

The recent user system update introduced an authentication system for users. For the last month, we still allowed write access for unauthenticated users (meaning, users who hadn’t updated the app could still edit maps). But that grace period is over, and we’ve locked down the API.

If you are using the API for a tool/website, and you just lost write access, please contact us to obtain an auth token. If you’re using the app and things seem weird, update the app! The iOS version will give you a detailed error message about the problem, but the Android app will not. We also updated the “Message of the Day” on a lot of regions to try and spread the word. Fortunately, we can see that the vast majority of edits are made by authenticated users, so this should only affect a few people.

Thank you for your generous donations!! As noted earlier, we recently started accepting donations to help us cover infrastructure costs. To date, we’ve received ten donations, covering over half a year’s costs!

Shout out! Thank you:

- William B.
- Matthew C.
- Jason C.
- Stephen H.
- Julie A.
- Tyler D.
- Jukka A.
- John K.
- Erin K.
- Amy C.

If you want to help out, here’s the link!

Side note
We’ve noticed that some people mess up when entering their email address (when they sign up). This makes it so you can’t confirm your account. In some cases (…@gmail.con), we’ve noticed and corrected the problem. But sometimes we don’t know what the problem is – except that the email wasn’t delivered. So! Let us know if you need your email fixed.

Similarly, if you want a new username, let us know.