Pinball Map Android App Update 4.0.1

We’re simply excited to announce an update to the Pinball Map Android app!

While this update brings a number of tweaks and enhancements, the most major of them is probably a decrease in loading time. So, the app is a lot faster now!

This is the first Android app update since March 2017. And that March update was a major one. So this is a follow-up to that one, knocking out a lot of miscellaneous issues (see the list).

Anyway, let us know what you think! We think the increase in speed will help make this app even more fun to use! If you find a bug, please tell us.


Pinball Map on the Google Play Store
Pinball Map App page

App Updates - User System

We just released updates to the app to complement the recent website update. These updates have been in the works since last Spring!

We’ve listed the changelogs below. The user system is the biggest change. Once you create an account, you’ll be set. You won’t have to log in/out. You’ll always be logged in, and you won’t notice anything different… except a bunch of new features! With the user system comes a neat Profile page, where you can see an overview of your updates (screenshots below). We also fixed lots of bugs and added a swath of new features. New features include additional ways to look for machines (sort by operator or city). The Android app received a much-needed facelift. See the full lists below.

Hope you like it! We’re really excited about this update. They mark a big change for Pinball Map. And we think it will be for the better. Thanks for keeping your local pinball map up to date!

iOS app

profile imageprofile image

Check out screenshots on the app store.

Here’s a changelog of the things we added to the iOS app:

* User system
* Profile Page
* Sort locations by operator
* Store page
* High scores for a machine sort by score
* “Recently Updated” section lists 25 updates instead of 10, and includes the date
* Misc things
* Bug fixes

Github page for PBM-iOS

Android app

profile image
profile image

Check out screenshots on the play store.

Here’s a changelog of the things we added to the Android app:

* User system
* Profile page
* Enter high scores
* Lookup by operator
* Lookup by city
* Donate page
* Store page
* Include distance on Location Detail page
* New icon
* Style update
* Misc things
* Bug fixes

Github page for PBM-Android

Pinball Map Android App v2.2

Gather around children, for I have a story to tell. Great! Nice job. So, this is the story of an app. This app’s name was Pinball Map, and it lived in the realm of Android, within the land of Pinballia. When this story begins it was 2.1.2 versions old, and was well-liked in the realm. Whenever folks were visiting a new town, or looking for some fun in their own town, Pinball Map of Android was there to help out. You see, Pinball Map had a special gift: it helped people find pinball machines to play. And each time it did so, the citizens of Android rewarded Pinball Map by updating its data and giving it stars. And while stars are cool and all, Pinball Map was especially grateful for these updates. Because if locations weren’t updated, then the data would be stale and smelly, and Pinball Map would be less valuable to people.

Then one day the gods gathered together in their cloud kingdom and peered down at little Pinball Map of Android. They saw it working away, and they saw the people smiling and playing pinball. Things were looking good in Android. But being gods, they were aware of happenings deep within both Android and elsewhere in Pinballia. They observed the increased capabilities of Pinball Map of Android’s brethren, Pinball Map of iOS and Pinball Map of Website; they read bug reports; and they examined user behavior. They also remembered that Pinball Map of Android, while blessed with gifts, was also cursed with the inability to grow up on its own. Version upgrades were the responsibility of the gods, and the gods alone. And so the gods soon decreed that Pinball Map of Android deserved an upgrade so it could better serve the people. Thus, they rode their personal hoverclouds down to Pinballia and fiddled with Pinball Map’s guts. They reassembled and appended, and then tested the results.

In the end, Pinball Map of Android version 2.2 was born.

The gods then dropped a nugget of knowledge down to the people, in the form of a large nugget with writing on it. When read, it read:

Please enjoy Pinball Map of Android version 2.2. Make note of the following updates (and bear in mind that it may be incomplete, because sometimes even gods are forgetful):

  • support for Android 4.0.3, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Android 5.1
  • new region selection screen
  • add multiple conditions
  • show last condition in location view
  • save position in machines and locations list when navigating back and forth between screens
  • distance to locations will change based on GPS movement
  • menu options and buttons changed (not sure how many were changed)
  • fixes for commonly seen app crashes
  • fix for showing locations on the map

We urge the people of Android to make use of version 2.2 by upgrading the Pinball Map of Android beacon on their smartphone. That way, when you call for Pinball Map, the latest and greatest will serve you.

Jackpots be with you.

Your gods,
Jah Ryan, Jah Scott, and featuring guest god Jah Brian

And that’s the end of my story. Hope you learned something.

Pinball Map Android App 2.1

Following hot on the heels of our release of version 3.0 of the Pinball Map iOS app is version 2.1 of the Android app!

Pinball Map Android App on the Google Play Store

We added lotsa big and beautiful features and additions in this update that enhance the usability and stability of the app.

The most obvious update is to the visual appearance. Previously, it had a black background, with white text. This new version uses one of Android’s skins (light background, dark text). This gives it a look and feel that will be familiar (and pleasant!) to many Android users. We’ve also updated the look of the Location Info screen to be more usable.

Now to the meat! (screenshots showing many of these features can be found on the Store)

  • Search functions when browsing by Machine or by Location
    • So, instead of scrolling to a location, you can type in “Bob’s Bar” and that location will come right up!
  • When browsing by Location (or by Closest Locations), it lists how many machines are at each spot.
  • Machine info includes the manufacturer name and the year it was made.
    • This helps gives a fuller picture of the machines you’re looking at.
  • When adding a machine to a location, if you type in the name of a machine you’ll receive auto-completed suggestions based on what you’re typing.
    • This helps eliminate questions/inconsistency about spelling and punctuation when adding machine names. Similarly, when using the “suggest a new location” form, the machines field will autocomplete as you type in machine names.
  • When choosing a region, you can sort the list by distance.
    • This makes is super easy to find the closest map!
  • You can add a “Location Type” tag and a phone number to a spot.
    • When viewing a location’s info, hit the Pen icon up top to edit this metadata. Like, if the location is a Laundromat, then you can add that tag. (Not all locations are already tagged, because this is a feature we added later. The site will be cooler if ALL spots are tagged with a Type. But we need your help!)

On top of all of this (or below it?), are lots of code updates that, among many other things, increase stability across devices.

We hope you like this update! We’re proud of it.

As usual, the code is on Github in case you want to submit patches or suggestions.

PBM Android App 2.0

We’re happy to announce the release of version 2.0 of our Android App.

Previous, our app was targeting Android 2.2 or higher. Unfortunately, we have been using some location finding technology that was completely removed in Android 4.3. This broke features like “closest locations” for 4.3+ users. So, we took this opportunity to start targeting 4.3 and updating a lot of features that were deprecated. You probably won’t notice a huge difference in the way things look, but here is what you maybe might notice:

  • improved location finding services (“closest locations” should be snappier and more accurate)
  • new mapping system (we’re using the fancy Google Maps Android V2 api now)
  • speedier/response interface in general

Unfortunately, only users of Android 4.3 and above will get the opportunity to upgrade. That’s just a limitation of the technology available in older OSes. Sorry about this. I’m pretty sure that the older version of the app is stable for older versions of the OS.

A final note here.. I didn’t notice there were any issues with the app until they were reported by an alert and responsible user. I had been using Android 4.0, and was just kind of blissed out and blind to the whole terror that was hammering 4.3+ users. So, please, never hesitate to report any bugs that you find with the Android App (or the website or the iOS app). We’re not cool with stuff being broken, and we’ll jump on fixes as soon as possible.

Thanks for checking out the app, and good luck with all of your pinball games.