Pinball Map iOS App Version 4.0.3

Like a hound charging outta the gates of hell comes this fiery beast of an app update, cryptically known as 4.0.3. What lieth insideth the four bellies of Barghest? Behold!

  • Ability to add location type and operator on location submissions (these are dropdown menus now, rather than text fields)
  • Fix events feature on Apple Watch (it was crashing)
  • Fix visibility issue on iPad map (there was a thing where it shouldn’t be)

Your phones will summon the update in due time. If it isn’t available yet, pray for patience.

Pinball Map iOS App Version 4.0.2

Hey iPhoners, we just released an update to the Pinball Map app!

This update features some fixes and enhancements.

They are:

  • Display the Location Description
  • Region list – include sort by alpha
  • Add option for location services “when app is running”
  • When no Operator at a location, say “Tap to Edit”
  • Locations say “last update: June 03, 2016 by” blank 4.0.2 — bug fix
  • Minor comment issue – words can span two lines — bug fix
  • Location submissions often come in twice — bug fix (this is for Admins)
  • Reformat list of machines in location submissions (this is for Admins)

If you want to see what we’re up to for the next update, check here. We also have some cool longer-term plans brewing right now, so stay tuned.

If you LOVE the app, feel free to rate it!

Pinball Map iOS App Version 4.0.1

Thanks for updating the Pinball Map! It’s been cool watching people sign up!

We’ve released version 4.0.1 of the iOS app!

This update includes:

  • Sort by Operator
  • Location details will display Operator name (and you can add/change the operator)
  • Events page now has three tabs: Today, Upcoming, Ongoing
  • Location detail now displays the most recent machine comment (years ago we accidentally removed this from the app, and you were outraged, so we added it back in immediately; THEN we accidentally removed it again with the 4.0.0 update. So now it’s back again).
  • Region Info displays the correct number of locations and machines in the region
  • Fixed the app feedback form

Keep up with upcoming releases via the issue tracker

Misc Notes

Clarification on users (even though no one asked this):

  • In some contexts you can view other people’s Profiles (you can on the website, but not on the app).
  • User contact information is never shared. Unlike many sites, you can’t send private messages to each other.

Note to API users: If you’re WRITING through the API, please get in touch because you’re about to lose write access. We’ll have to give you an auth token.

App Updates - User System

We just released updates to the app to complement the recent website update. These updates have been in the works since last Spring!

We’ve listed the changelogs below. The user system is the biggest change. Once you create an account, you’ll be set. You won’t have to log in/out. You’ll always be logged in, and you won’t notice anything different… except a bunch of new features! With the user system comes a neat Profile page, where you can see an overview of your updates (screenshots below). We also fixed lots of bugs and added a swath of new features. New features include additional ways to look for machines (sort by operator or city). The Android app received a much-needed facelift. See the full lists below.

Hope you like it! We’re really excited about this update. They mark a big change for Pinball Map. And we think it will be for the better. Thanks for keeping your local pinball map up to date!

iOS app

profile imageprofile image

Check out screenshots on the app store.

Here’s a changelog of the things we added to the iOS app:

* User system
* Profile Page
* Sort locations by operator
* Store page
* High scores for a machine sort by score
* “Recently Updated” section lists 25 updates instead of 10, and includes the date
* Misc things
* Bug fixes

Github page for PBM-iOS

Android app

profile image
profile image

Check out screenshots on the play store.

Here’s a changelog of the things we added to the Android app:

* User system
* Profile page
* Enter high scores
* Lookup by operator
* Lookup by city
* Donate page
* Store page
* Include distance on Location Detail page
* New icon
* Style update
* Misc things
* Bug fixes

Github page for PBM-Android

Pinball Map iOS App Updated to 3.2

Oh what a day! A new Pinball Map iOS app update has hit the streets.

It’s a modest, yet important, release. Modest because it mostly adds some functionality that was already on the website. And important because 1) those functions are cool! and 2) it marks the end of programmer extraordinaire Frank Michael’s involvement in the project. If we had it our way, FM would still be ‘gramming with us. But FM has this thing called “free will” and he’s walking a different walk these days. He stuck around to complete this latest update, and for that we’re very grateful. Reminder, Frank Michael burst into our lives in 2014 and completely revamped the iOS app from the ground up. This the FOURTH app update of his. He played an important role in the app these last couple years, and now we wish him good fortune in his future endeavors.

Here’s the changelog for the 3.2 release:

[New] View PinTips for Machines is a great site for quickly grabbing some machine tips (and for easily contributing your own). We’re glad to be synced up with it.

[New] Show past Machine Conditions
We keep a record of comments made on machines. Previously, you could only see the most recent one. But now you can view past one’s, too!

[New] Show the last time a Location was updated
Is the data for this location two years old, or was it updated yesterday? The answer to this question is now at your fingertips.

[New] Ability to confirm the information for a given Location is up-to-date
Say the location data hasn’t been updated in two years, and yet it’s still up to date! If there’s no data to update, but you’d like to tell the world that you’ve verified the data, now you can with a click of a button.

[New] Filter Nearby Map based on a set of distances (From 10-50 miles
from your current location)

[Fix] Update list of Regions when main site is updated
[Fix] Minor UI Issue where Machine names would not be formatted correctly

Pinball Map iOS Update 3.0.4

Hey friends,
Yesterday we released an update to the iOS app. Here’s what it does:

[New] Auto update region data on launch
[New] Today Widget now shows upcoming events
[New] Sort machines by manufacturer
[New] Support for @3x graphics for iPhone 6+
[New] Open app when tapping on Today Widget
[Fix] Various UI issues
[Fix] Incorrect launch image for iOS 7 devices
[Fix] Crashes when trying to search machines

That first item about auto updating is a good one. The app is meant to work offline, but as a result the data wasn’t refreshing as often as we’d like. So updates made via the website or android app wouldn’t show up immediately on the iOS app. There were a few ways to manually update the data (such as doing a “pull down” on the list of locations), but it wasn’t very intuitive. So now the app refreshes the data more frequently.

Also, as mentioned in other blog posts, it once again display machine comments on the “location view” screen. So like, when you pull up a location, it lists the the machines at that location and any comments that have been left for the machines. The next update will add support for multiple comments, like we recently added to the website.

Thanks again for your feedback! And thanks for using and updating the site!

Pinball Map iOS app update 3.0.1

From 3.0.0 to 3.0.1. Just one sub-decimal point of an update. Doesn’t seem like much, does it? But numbers can be deceiving. In this post we’ll systematically unpack the inner suitcase of this update, delving into the details of what many will undoubtedly soon believe to be the greatest Pinball Map iOS update of all time.

In our last update, we released a major update, 3.0.0. And because Pinball Map is a crowdsourced website, it’s natural that we’d use your feedback to inform the next update. We knew there were tweaks to be made, but we didn’t always know what to prioritize and stuff. But you guys contacted us, opened your hearts to us, and we listened.

  • Top of the feedback list: Recently Added. Where did it go??? It was accidentally removed, is where it went. It’s tough to keep track of everything, and that feature slipped by when transitioning from 2.0.90210 to 3.0.0. Oops! But you guys freaked out about it, and we were like, “Crap!” So now it’s back!!! For those not in the know, Recently Added basically just grabs the RSS feed of machines that have been added to locations. It’s a super useful list – users can easily see which places have made rotations in their line-up.

  • Nearby Machines. “I want a map that shows what machines are near me.” No problem. In 3.0.0 this feature was on the iPad version of the app, but not the iPhone version (DON’T ASK). So now it’s on the iPhone version, too. Check out this beautiful screenshot that Gene X from Orange Photography took, showing all the locations with pinball machines near him in San Francisco.
  • Make the “machines” tab the default one when looking at a location. Done.
  • We also cleaned up the list of machines when looking at a location. Previously, you could see machine comments in that view. We took the machine comments out of that view – and now you can see them by clicking the machine name. It’s just cleaner like that.
  • Message of the Day: If your regional administrator has added a message of the day, you’ll see it on the map. Good way to spread news.
  • Events are now sorted so that the closest one by date is at the top.
  • There’s now a “region” tab that gives some info about the map you’re looking at. This includes links, message of the day, high scores, contact info for your regional administrator.

Plus much more! Just download the new version, ok. It’s hard to describe everything. Fullish list of updates in this update

Pinball Map on the App Store

Pinball Map iOS App 3.0

We’re happy to announce a MAJOR update to the Pinball Map iOS app!

This is the first update in, uh, four years. A lot has happened in iOS-land in those years. New phones, new tablets, new native UI, new resolutions.

The original developer of the Pinball Map iOS app, Isaac Ruiz, put together a solid app that held strongly for years and was instrumental in growing The last version of the app (2.0) worked great and lots of people loved it, but it was missing some important features from the website. Over the last four years, we came up with a nice list of improvements for it. Just like the website, where we’re continuously rolling out updates and new features, we’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience. “Oh, a user didn’t know that they can REMOVE machines from locations? WHY didn’t they know that? Seems like we can probably improve the user interface/experience there.” But, we have limited resources! We (Scott and Ryan) work on the website basically every day (current count: we’ve committed code updates 1,340 times), and Scott does the entire the Android app and also spent time refactoring the iOS app.

Then along comes Frank Michael Sanchez! He’s an illustrious iOS developer who saw that the app was in serious need of modernization. He reached out to us and volunteered his service to it. And he immediately proved his expertise. Scott put together a new Pinball Map API, so that Frank Michael could easily access all the data in a clean and efficient manner. And Frank Michael rewrote the entire app starting from scratch. We worked closely with him to make sure that key features were added, and we had a squadron of regional administrators beta testing it. The entire time we knew the app was in good hands. And no joke, he put the entire update together in like three months!

As always, the app is free (and makes no money from ads). Frank Michael put in his time for free, all so we can supply a better experience to you folks who use the site/apps (and who support it by updating it). If you’re looking to hire an iOS developer for your project, hit him up! We can’t recommend him enough.

Pinball Map App 3.0 has a modernized interface, supports retina displays and has both iPhone AND iPad versions, and has new features. And we plan to roll out updates with regularity. Since the app was released yesterday, we’ve already received a bunch of feedback (send yours here). And yes, we’ll add back “recently added” in version 3.1!

New features:

  • iPad support, retina support, iPhone 5 support, new look, and MANY updated interface elements.
  • Offline access
  • Submit new locations to be added to your regional map!
  • When adding a machine to a spot, it’s now way easier to choose from the list of machines in the database.
  • You can add a “Location Type” tag to a spot. Like, if the location is a Laundromat, and isn’t already tagged as one, then you can add that tag. Then, when users “filter by location type” they can choose Laundromat and the spot you tagged will show up. (Not all locations are already tagged, because this is a feature we added later. The site will be cooler if ALL spots are tagged with a Type.)
  • Add phone numbers to locations
  • View manufacturer, year, and Internet Pinball Database information about a machine
  • In general, it’s easier to do a lot of things, like add/remove machines from locations, add machine condition comments, etc.

See more screenshots here.

The iOS and Android apps both play a humongous role in spreading the word about the site (and about pinball in general). It’s just nice to be able to carry it around with you, with a simple, intuitive interface (though if you don’t have a mobile device that supports either app, please note that we added a simple mobile skin to the website – try it out!). Thanks for using the site/apps to support your regional pinball map.

Get the updated Pinball Map iOS App!