What’s in a decimal point? What stories untold are trapped within a point after a point?

Today we reveal that the Pinball Map app has grown from version 5.0.0 to 5.0.1. That last decimal there is a period marking the end of a sentence. What’s in this new version? Before we answer that, let’s look back at the past.

One month and one day ago we released version 5.0.0, a complete app rewrite and a major milestone as far as Pinball Map apps go. A lot has happened since then. In a way, it feels like a lifetime has passed since that month (plus a day) ago. We received feedback from dozens of users; we noticed some little bugs and things to tweak; whatever etc.

And so in this update we’ve knocked out a bunch of things. Here’s the changelog:

  • Type “region” in the search bar to see a list of regions!
  • Sort the Location List by number of machines
  • Increase the “max zoom”, especially if you have a filter applied
  • Make panning/zooming a little smoother
  • Brighter Recent Activity icons
  • Fixed the map marker jumping when two locations are really close together
  • Added city name to location list items
  • Turn off autocorrect on search field
  • More gesture navigation
  • Updated the FAQ
  • Fix issue with special characters when searching or typing in passwords
  • Additional design adjustments and bug fixes

Please update to the latest version once you see it available in the app store!

What else has happened?

We redesigned this blog. You may have noticed that. Now it’s faster and hosted in a secret hideout.

And we released a new podcast episode! Give it a listen!