We’re marking a major milestone with the Pinball Map app. We completely scrapped the old code and design, and started from scratch. After a year of spending our nights and weekends on it, the update is done!

Now the app is faster, more intuitive, has one big map instead of separate regions, has new features, it looks the same on Android and iOS, and it will be much easier to produce further updates.

Our administrators and Patreon supporters helped beta test it. And we think it's great and that you'll love it!

If you use the app, please update to the latest version!

If you've used it in the past but didn't like it, give this one a try!

Watch the video below for a walk-through of the new design and features.

Features include:

  • It's all just ONE BIG MAP now. No more switching between regions.

  • But you can still search for a region and pull up all the locations in it! The search also autocompletes for cities that definitely have machines.

  • A RECENT ACTIVITY feed, which shows all map edits within 30 miles of wherever you're searching.

  • SAVE your favorite locations and quickly see a list of your favorites.

  • FILTER map results by machine, location type, operator, and/or number of machines.

  • See nearby events.

  • And it's faster and better and more fun to use!


Ryan, Scott, Beth