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Pinball Map App Version 5.2.7

September 29, 2021 [news]   [app]

The unofficial Summer of Code has perhaps come to an end. We released 8 app updates between June and now. And we finished off in style - LITERALLY. Because this latest update has a bunch of style changes.

In June, we refreshed the app design, and we think they were great improvements. But after a summer of brooding, some things weren’t sitting well. In the light mode, we had tried to give it a “warm” off-white theme. This was achieved with various super light orangey tones. However, they didn’t age well. In this latest refresh, the orange tones are all gone, and in their places we have a super light purply set of tones. We also minimized some of the usage of blue (like on the machine names at a location - those now have a white background instead of blue). Overall, it just… looks nicer.

We also refreshed the dark mode while we were in there. But dark mode is incredibly easy to “do right” compared to light mode.

Another big style change is the addition of little icons all over the place. Some of the screens, such as the location details screen, have a lot of text. The icons are used to direct your eyes and break up the text. We kept them small and light, and overall we like the effect.

You may also notice that the fonts are different. Previously we had been using the default system fonts - Roboto on Android and San Francisco on iOS. But this resulted in the apps looking a little different on both platforms, and we strive for parity. So, after carefully testing dozens of font combinations, we chose Nunito for the bold text and Lato for the regular text. We think this is nice and readable!

On top of that, we touched up dozens and dozens of other things.

Aside from designy stuff, we also fixed numerous bugs, including a lousy one on Android that was making it so hearted icons on the map weren’t always showing up.

We also tweaked a lot further behind the scenes. For example, the root of the app is now not the “welcome” screen that users only ever see ONCE (the first time they install and launch the app), but is instead the map. With that, as well as some fixes to the “splash” screen, now the splash remains visible until the map has loaded (before you would see a spinner between those screens).

Anyway, lotta stuff. We’re happy about this one, and think it’s looking pretty slick!


Pinball Map App 5.2.7 Screenshot

Pinball Map App 5.2.7 Screenshot


Matthew Duffy, October 7th, 2021 00:04


I love this app and use it daily (literally). A while ago I thought there was a page on the site that had user standings, like top high score, most machines added, etc…did I dream it? In any case, if you could point me in the right direction if it’s here somewhere and if not, I think it would be a great idea for an addition somewhere down the road….

Have a great day and thank you again for this amazing app/site/best thing ever.


Thanks for the kind words!

Hmm, you might have dreamed it. Each region on the website has an About page that shows the top machines in that region. Ex.

Then there is the High Scores page that shows people who have entered the most amount of scores in a region.

Then you have your profile page that shows some stats for a single user. Ex.

I mean, I kind of remember something about overall stats like you’re describing. Maybe we occasionally pulled stats like that for blog posts? I don’t think we had something on the site, which we later removed. But I agree it would be cool to show that.

We have an open issue for giving people “points” for different types of edits:

We went so far as to make little points “icons” but haven’t done anything with the code yet (and we’d probably redo those icons).

We’ll think about it some more :D

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