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August 13, 2018 [news]

In March of 2017, we started accepting donations to help us defray our site costs. The donations we’ve received have been awesome, and they’ve kept us afloat. BUT, our costs are increasing due to the popularity of the site, and our need to use bigger/better servers. These costs are too much for us to afford on our own, and so… we’ve launched a Pinball Map Patreon


Patreon allows people to pledge small amount of money to projects on an ongoing basis (example: $5/month).

Please check out the Patreon page for our specific goals (which will evolve). But the basic goal is to migrate the site from Heroku to AWS, and then beef up our servers. But AWS will cost more! If you enjoy using Pinball Map, and want to directly support it, then you are the best!

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Pinball Map Patreon - August 13, 2018 - Pinball Map