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September 2, 2015 [news]   [app]   [android]

Gather around children, for I have a story to tell. Great! Nice job. So, this is the story of an app. This app’s name was Pinball Map, and it lived in the realm of Android, within the land of Pinballia. When this story begins it was 2.1.2 versions old, and was well-liked in the realm. Whenever folks were visiting a new town, or looking for some fun in their own town, Pinball Map of Android was there to help out. You see, Pinball Map had a special gift: it helped people find pinball machines to play. And each time it did so, the citizens of Android rewarded Pinball Map by updating its data and giving it stars. And while stars are cool and all, Pinball Map was especially grateful for these updates. Because if locations weren’t updated, then the data would be stale and smelly, and Pinball Map would be less valuable to people.

Then one day the gods gathered together in their cloud kingdom and peered down at little Pinball Map of Android. They saw it working away, and they saw the people smiling and playing pinball. Things were looking good in Android. But being gods, they were aware of happenings deep within both Android and elsewhere in Pinballia. They observed the increased capabilities of Pinball Map of Android’s brethren, Pinball Map of iOS and Pinball Map of Website; they read bug reports; and they examined user behavior. They also remembered that Pinball Map of Android, while blessed with gifts, was also cursed with the inability to grow up on its own. Version upgrades were the responsibility of the gods, and the gods alone. And so the gods soon decreed that Pinball Map of Android deserved an upgrade so it could better serve the people. Thus, they rode their personal hoverclouds down to Pinballia and fiddled with Pinball Map’s guts. They reassembled and appended, and then tested the results.

In the end, Pinball Map of Android version 2.2 was born.

The gods then dropped a nugget of knowledge down to the people, in the form of a large nugget with writing on it. When read, it read:

Please enjoy Pinball Map of Android version 2.2. Make note of the following updates (and bear in mind that it may be incomplete, because sometimes even gods are forgetful):

We urge the people of Android to make use of version 2.2 by upgrading the Pinball Map of Android beacon on their smartphone. That way, when you call for Pinball Map, the latest and greatest will serve you.

Jackpots be with you.

Ryan, Scott, and featuring guester Brian

And that’s the end of my story. Hope you learned something.

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Pinball Map Android App v2.2 - September 2, 2015 - Pinball Map