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PinTips Integration

September 1, 2015 [news]

A few days ago we got a note from Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen, a Bay Area-based pinball player and software developer (creator of the tournament software, Match Play), about a new site he made: PinTips! PinTips is a crowd-sourced site with short and sweet playing tips on hundreds of pinball machines. Users can upvote/downvote tips, so the best rise to the top. It has a clean, simple interface, and is really fun to explore.

Andreas used our API to link to Pinball Map from each PinTips entry. If you click the “Find on Pinball Map” link on, say, The Sopranos, you’ll be redirected to the closest Pinball Map region, and it will display all the Sopranos machines in it. Really cool!

We thought it would be great to reciprocate the gesture. So we added a link to the respective PinTips entry underneath each machine in the location details. To see it in action, check out the Belmont Inn in Portland. We’re excited to have this integration with PinTips, and we hope you find it valuable!

Since it’s launch two weeks ago, PinTips has amassed 861 tips across 264 machines, contributed by 95 people! He said on TiltForums that he’d like to see 1,000 tips by the end of September. Have something to add? Sign up and share your knowledge!

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PinTips Integration - September 1, 2015 - Pinball Map