Pinball Map iOS Update 3.0.4

February 19, 2015 [news]   [app]   [ios]

Hey friends,
Yesterday we released an update to the iOS app. Here’s what it does:

[New] Auto update region data on launch
[New] Today Widget now shows upcoming events
[New] Sort machines by manufacturer
[New] Support for \@3x graphics for iPhone 6+
[New] Open app when tapping on Today Widget
[Fix] Various UI issues
[Fix] Incorrect launch image for iOS 7 devices
[Fix] Crashes when trying to search machines

That first item about auto updating is a good one. The app is meant to work offline, but as a result the data wasn’t refreshing as often as we’d like. So updates made via the website or android app wouldn’t show up immediately on the iOS app. There were a few ways to manually update the data (such as doing a “pull down” on the list of locations), but it wasn’t very intuitive. So now the app refreshes the data more frequently.

Also, as mentioned in other blog posts, it once again display machine comments on the “location view” screen. So like, when you pull up a location, it lists the the machines at that location and any comments that have been left for the machines. The next update will add support for multiple comments, like we recently added to the website.

Thanks again for your feedback! And thanks for using and updating the site!

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Pinball Map iOS Update 3.0.4 - February 19, 2015 - Pinball Map