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Pinball Map Android App 2.1

October 13, 2014 [android]   [app]   [news]

Following hot on the heels of our release of version 3.0 of the Pinball Map iOS app is version 2.1 of the Android app!

Pinball Map Android App on the Google Play Store

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We added lotsa big and beautiful features and additions in this update that enhance the usability and stability of the app.

The most obvious update is to the visual appearance. Previously, it had a black background, with white text. This new version uses one of Android’s skins (light background, dark text). This gives it a look and feel that will be familiar (and pleasant!) to many Android users. We’ve also updated the look of the Location Info screen to be more usable.

Now to the meat! (screenshots showing many of these features can be found on the Store)

On top of all of this (or below it?), are lots of code updates that, among many other things, increase stability across devices.

We hope you like this update! We’re proud of it.

As usual, the code is on Github in case you want to submit patches or suggestions.

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Pinball Map Android App 2.1 - October 13, 2014 - Pinball Map