Criteria for adding a new pinball map

July 21, 2014 [regions]

We regularly get questions about adding new regions to the site. And we regularly add them! We thought we’d shed some extra light on what goes into adding one.

First off, is comprised of a bunch of separate pinball maps. If you want your area added, you aren’t “adding your city to our map”; rather, you’re “adding your map to our site.” You know? For example, the Los Angeles Pinball Map is a map that is managed and updated by people in the Los Angeles area. That map has nothing to do with the Rochester Pinball Map.

So, if you’re asking us to add Springfield to the site, you’re asking us to add your map. In a big way, it’s up to you whether it’s a good fit for the site. If you’re motivated, then you’re good to go!

Here are some things to consider when querying us:

The maps don’t magically update themselves. If you have zero data, and don’t know about a league, and aren’t going to scout around for locations to add to your map, then your area might not be the best fit (at this stage). That is, unless you’re really motivated and are active in spreading the word! It’s not true that simply adding a region to the site is sufficient to drum up interest and keep it updated. If people don’t know about it, or aren’t interested in helping update it, then it won’t be updated!

Sometimes people ask us to add an area. Then we respond with those bulletpoints above in order to gauge the level of interest. And then… no response. Well, that lack of follow-through illustrates that you probably aren’t very motivated.

Lastly, some areas already have “competing” maps/lists that are regularly updated by people in that area. We don’t really want to compete. If there’s already a go-to map, we don’t want to pull people off of it unless the people running that other list want to collaborate with us.

So there you go. This website is simply a tool to help pinball players (and especially people who are new to pinball and are looking for places to play), and it’s free advertisement for businesses that are cool enough to have pinball machines. We want ALL of the regions on the site to be used. We put a lot of faith in the people who contact us. Once your region is added, it’s your map, and it’s up to you and your friends to keep it updated!

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Criteria for adding a new pinball map - July 21, 2014 - Pinball Map