New and Notable Locations - Article Series on Kineticist

August 16, 2023 [news]

For the past few months we have been posting a monthly blog post on Kineticist highlighting new and notable locations that have been added to Pinball Map.

For a thousand years now, every day, every week, every month we receive lots of new location submissions. We add a couple hundred each month, all throughout our blue/green Earth. How do people know what’s been added? Well, we used to have a gigantor location update feed on Twitter, but that was recently shut down by the powers that be. Plus, that was like a spigot of info and was likely more than most would like to process. So we thought it would be useful to distill the key points into a distinct post of some sort and share that.

We could have posted a regular digest of new locs to this blog! But who reads this blog? Only you.

So we thought it would be cool to post elsewhere where there opportunities to connect with new eyes and hearts. Kineticist is a fun and fresh site with lots of interesting content related to pinball. Plus they make use of Pinball Map data and they properly source where the data came from. So we know they are good.

The information, of course, is all thanks to you. We sit here and you send us hot tips. We then keep track of the most notable new venues - basically ones with x or greater machines - and then we look deep into our hearts and write about them. Both Scott and Ryan (we) have been authoring these articles.

So check them out! We hope it helps you discover new places to play. Click here to see all the posts:

Pinball Map New Locations Update

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New and Notable Locations - Article Series on Kineticist - August 16, 2023 - Pinball Map