Pinball Map App Version 5.2.0

July 8, 2021 [news]   [app]

Hope you are all well. We’re good, and now we’re extra good because we’re publishing this blog post announcing a new Pinball Map app update: Version 5.2.0!

Our last app update was in March 2020. We began this one in earnest in October 2020, and it quickly ballooned like your JNCOs as you leap from a wall in the quad for the 4th period bell. Basically, we had a couple feature ideas, but there were also some bugs to slaughter. While we were working on the bugs, we kept adding more and more features. So, more than 200 code commits later, we’re ready to go!

Reminder that the code for this app is on Github here. You are free to contribute code. You can also use the “Issues” section to request features and report bugs.

We are a very small person team (the app is largely developed by Beth Poore and Ryan), and we do our best to identify bugs and test things. We greatly appreciate when you give us feedback and report issues. We also like when you rate the app on the app store (iOS App Store, Google Play Store)!

As always, the Pinball Map app remains ad-free and tracker-free. Thanks for using and updating the map!

Pinball Map Badge

Here is a list of changes in this app update, and there are some screenshots below.

Couple screenshots:

Pinball Map App 5.2.0 Screenshot

Pinball Map App 5.2.0 Screenshot

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Pinball Map App Version 5.2.0 - July 8, 2021 - Pinball Map