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May 24, 2018 [news]   [regions]

After nearly ten years of creating new pinball map regions, we’ve amassed 95 of them. So we think we have good coverage of most of the pinball hot spots in the US and Canada (and now one part of Australia). But even so, we get regular requests to cover MORE lands. In the past we’ve waffled on this issue. But now the voices are too loud, and we cannot ignore them.

So we made a map that has all 95 regions merged together, and it also contains locations that aren’t within those regions.

Introducing the beta version of the One Big Pinball Map!

It’s not yet as fully featured as the regional maps. But it’s still very usable and cool. We’ll be adding more to it. But for now, use it and give us feedback!

Other, related news is that we’re doing a complete rewrite of the app. Like this regionless map, it will allow you all to browse all the data without having to switch between regions. It will be great!

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Regionless Map - May 24, 2018 - Pinball Map