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July 12, 2017 [news]

The WWW can be great for getting the word out about stuff. You got blogs, articles, podcasts, RSS, social media, etc. At Pinball Map HQ, we are… okay at it. We don’t have a marketing budget, and we basically only use Twitter for social media. It often turns out that YOU’RE better at it than us. And that’s perfect - that’s the way we like it.

One of our favorite things to do is to spread the word about Pinball Map in person. When we’re out playing pinball, and we start chatting with enthusiastic people, we tell them about it, and perhaps give them a button, too. And I think that goes a long way. But there have been so many times when we’ve said, “we should just make a little flier with the info on it, so we can hand it out or drop it places.” Actually, we did do that like six years ago - at least for a couple of the maps (but that was back when we were using a logo font that wasn’t web-friendly and so had to be created in an image editor).

So, that’s what we’ve now done! Introducing the regional Pinball Map flier that you gotta print out! Each map region has its own flier, located at the the /flier url. For example, see the Minnesota Pinball Map Flier (btw, we changed the Twin Cities map to be the Minnesota map). They are dynamically generated, so the content may change from time to time (since we started writing this post, the number of machines listed has gone from 13,036 to 13,038).

They are very simple, and they print four to a page. We think they get the message across well. Here is a static screenshot of one:

Flier Image

You can find links to them on each regional map’s home page (in the little “intro” text section) and on each regional map’s About page. The fliers are not on the app, but just the website. And they’re geared toward the desktop website (not mobile).

Printing the Flier

Printing should be easy. If you press File+Print on your browser, you can preview it. All of the extraneous stuff on the webpage is automatically removed in the print preview.

The flier is accessible by anyone. And we encourage anyone who wants to help spread the word to print it out and give it to people! You’ll be part of the Pinball Map Street Team, so to speak! If a location is cool with you leaving fliers around (like at a coffee shop), please do so!

Hope you like it! We’re open to feedback.

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Pinball Map Flier - July 12, 2017 - Pinball Map