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July 3, 2015 [news]   [app]

Greetings, friends! This post is for all the iOS users out there (you know who you are). Some months ago we subtly alluded to the fact that we’re working on adding Apple Watch support to the Pinball Map iOS app. Well, the day has now arrived when we can proudly say the day of Apple Watch support has arrived. That’s right - the Apple Watch support arrival train scooted into the station, t-minus like two weeks ago. And now it’s just chilling there, accepting ticket holders. The Pinball Map Apple Watch App will help you find nearby spots with pinball machines, check for upcoming events, and see the latest map updates!

This update marks Pinball Map iOS App 3.1.1. Once again, this great update is brought to you courtesy of Frank Michael Sanchez. We love working with Frank Michael, and the app looks fantastic and works fantastically.

Here are some screenshots:

Wearables make us think all sorts of crazy things (in fact, apps in general make us think of crazy things). Such as, what if we added a feature so it registers when you’re playing pinball (based on the angle you’re holding your hand). And then we can start tracking how long your balls are (say, if you take your hand off a flipper for a certain amount of time, it would register as a ball drained…?). It probably wouldn’t work… but it makes you think. Anyone else have any crazy ideas? Count how many times you scratch your butt while playing pinball? How many times you push up your glasses while playing pinball? How many times you say the word “pinball” while you’re playing pinball?

But for now, we can all be happy with the Pinball Map App available on TWO wearables (Pebble and Apple Watch). Pretty cool!

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Pinball Map Apple Watch App - July 3, 2015 - Pinball Map