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January 8, 2015 [tech]

As readers of this blog (and users of our site/apps) know, we are regularly making changes to things. Sometimes we remove a feature (remember the “share on social media that you made an update!” prompt? No? Well that’s why we removed it!), and sometimes we add a feature.

We always want to know what you people think about these changes. Feedback is awesome. So, this post is a general reminder to give us feedback. But we also have a specific thing we want feedback about, which we’ll get to in a second.

Another really helpful thing that you can do for us is to leave app feedback. Please rate the iOS app and the Android app!

Now we have a specific question

In the latest version of the iOS app, we cleaned up the location info view: we removed the machine condition comments from it (so underneath each machine name, it no longer displays any comments that users have left). So, when you bring up a location, it just shows you the list of machines. If you click a machine name, then you see any condition comments that have been left.

Which do you prefer? Is it useful to you to see the machine comments on the location overview, or does it get in the way of the meat of the page (the machines themselves)? We created a survey to help find out. Please check out the before/after screenshots, then let us know what you think!



Or this?


Survey is now closed!! Thanks for giving us your feedback!

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