June 3, 2014 [tech]   [news]   [api]

Hello Pinballers,

We’re pleased to present to you, the pinball public, version 1.0 of the API. This is the API that we’re using to power our Android and iPhone apps (look for huge new releases of both of those applications in the near future, btw). It’s our hope that by putting the public closer to the data behind the map, that we can all work together to build new and exciting views into the pinball landscape of these United States.

API documentation is available here:

If there are any features or endpoints that you feel are missing from this API, please submit patches for them here:

…or request that someone make them for you via our Portland admin contact form, here:

This API is stable with its current offerings, but expect additions to V1 to roll out in the next couple months. Please let us know if you any of the current documentation or functionality is unclear.

Let the data mining begin! All we ask is that you let us know if you end up doing something cool with the data, because we like seeing cool stuff with this data too!

Some ideas of things maybe you’d like to do with this data…

…I dunno, SOMETHING. We’ve only got so many hands and brains over here, let’s work together.

Yours in pinball,
The cats and staff of PBM

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